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Clients include:

  • County of Attendorf (A)
  • Mausser Most Cider Mill, Niederberg (A)
  • Mausser Most Restaurant, Plabutsch (A)
  • Animal Training Center, Rohrbach (A)
  • Sven’s, Graz (A)
  • Vega Nova, Graz (A)
  • City of Ehingen (D)
  • City of Memmingen (D)
  • County of Rohrbach-Steinberg (A)
  • Kelten Taverne, Heimschuh (A)
  • Panorama Gallery, Kitzeck (A)
  • Private individuals in Austria, Germany and USA

Portraits in oil, tempera, watercolour, wood or marble.

Paintings or sculptures to commemorate special occasions.

Collaborative works for home, garden and business through which your creative ideas can be fully realized.

Custom-made furniture, both functional and non-functional.

Performances for private, community and company celebrations in which your particular circumstances and guests are given a personalized performance of songs and stories fitting to the occasion.

You, as an individual who recognizes well how artworks can enrich life in vibrant ways, are given the chance to help make your own creative ideas into an actual work, one whose tangible presence within the physical world offers a lasting expression of your inner self.

A commissioned work is a collaborative effort in which I need to be able to see through your eyes while allowing the work to be formed through my hands.