Shan Wardell

Interdisciplinary Artist

Since 1994, artwork exhibitions and lyric narrative performances in Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and USA.

Short Bio

1969 Born in New York City

1987-92 B.A. with honours; European and American Literature, Philosophy, History of Mathematics; St. John’s College, Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

1992-93 Certification as Motorcycle Technician Specialist in 2 and 4 Stroke Engine Design, Renewal and Repair; Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

1993-94 Metalworking, MIG, TIG, oxyacetylene welding, sheet metal fabrication, and shop management under Ray Binion at Skunk Creek Ironworks, Phoenix, Arizona.

1996-98 Applied Art and Art History under Gerhard Lojen, painter/architect and Director of the Master’s Course for Painting, Ortweinschule, Graz, Austria.

1999 The Ironlung Union founded as a production studio workshop specializing in innovative 2-D, 3-D and 4-D artworks.

2008 Artistic Coordinator, Young Hearts Art Competition, Future Icons Festival, Graz (A).

2010-11 Artist in Residence, Graz International Bilingual School (GIBS), Austria.

Selected Ironlung Union Shows and Performances

2010 Strange Fruit (from a Wandering Tree). Nomadic installation with Academy for Applied Photography, Graz through New York City and State, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria:

2009 Attendorf Gemeinde Fest, program Good Boogie. With Jay Wolff, Robert Silberscheider and Daphne’s Sister.

2008 Schloßkeller Ligist (A), program Mädchen, Prinz, Krone. With Haymo Gruber.

2007 Kulturstall Tabor, Steinberg by Graz (A), Mädchen, Prinz, Krone. With Haymo: special thanks to Werner Mraz (†2009) for the professional recordings.

Blues Bar, Stubenberg am See (A), Mädchen, Prinz, Krone. With Haymo.

2006 Kunstlerhaus Graz (A), program Rodeo Queen Europa. With HP Stüger, Harry Schwarzenegger, Barbara Osei-Weiss: Finissage event for exhibition Europa with Bull’s Head in linden and oak.

Karl-Franzens Uni Graz (A), program Eros and the Soul. With HP, Harry and Barb: complete with paintings and sculptures for the KF Uni English Department.

2005 Kulturstall Tabor, Steinberg by Graz (A), Eros und die Seele. With HP, Harry and Barb.

The Office, Graz (A), Eros and the Soul, Distilled. With HP, Harry, Barb and the dynamic James Wren.

2004 Memminger Meile (G), program Eros, Erste Teil. Vernissage event with Psyche in poplar.

2003 New York City debut at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café and the Bowery Poetry Café of The Dream of the Bed and Vernissage, with Death’s Head, Arm Bone and Rebirth. With Peter Hois and Stanley.

Theater am Ortweinplatz performance of Dream of the Bed. With Pete and ORF coverage.

Performance of Symposion during the International Maler und Bildhauer Symposion (IMBS) exhibition in Ochsenhausen (G). Finissage event with vernissage action.

2002 Premiere of Dream of the Bed in the Grazer Schauspielhaus Foyer. With Pete during the festival “Kultur zu Tisch.”
Kunstforum Ehingen (G), performance of Vernissage, with Death’s Head, Arm Bone and Rebirth as well as of Burn.

2001 Galerie Transparent, Leibnitz (A), premiere of Vernissage, with Death’s Head, Arm Bone and Rebirth. Vernissage event for IMBS exhibition.
Kairos New Art Gallery in München (G), The Noumenal Anatomy of the Human.

2000 Steierischer Herbst, premiere of Burn. As part of the creative program at K.U.L.M. in Pischelsdorf (A).

1999 Retzhof Castle in Leibnitz (A), exhibition Analeptika. With vernissage event varnishing Moonbathers.

1994 Skunk Creek Ironworks, Phoenix, AZ (USA), Steely Figures. Seven metal constructions including life-size figures with sculpted heads and bodies made of metal pieces, tools and parts forming bird cages.

Selected Artworks in Public Space/Collections

2010-11 Graz International Bilingual School (A); Strange Fruit (from a Wandering Tree).

2010 Mausser Buschenshank, Niederberg (A); sculpture Apple Girl.

2009 Sven’s, Graz (A); wood relief Earth and Moon.

2008 Mr and Mrs Kuhnert, Stallhofen (A); painting Rosenbogen mit dem Ehebaum.

2007 Future Icons Festival; song Young Hearts.

2006 Dr. G. Mausser Collection, Graz (A), painting series Dream of the Bed.

2005 City of Ehingen (G); public sculpture St. Brigit.

Mrs Ute Tscherne, Stallhofen (A); sculpture Steps.

2004 Mausser Gasthaus, Plabutsch (A); painting Windows.

2003 David Ruy/Karel Klein Collection, New York City; sculpture Stanley.

2002 City of Ehingen (G); painting series Vernissage.

Panorama Galerie Sulmtal (A), public sculpture King of King’s Mountain.

Community Centre Rohrbach-Steinberg (A) commissions public sculpture 3 Cycles.

2001 Panorama Galerie Sulmtal (A), public sculpture Netherside.

2000 Panorama Galerie Sulmtal (A), public sculptures The Totem Oak and Death Mask, Reversed.

1999 Panorama Galerie Sulmtal (A), public sculpture The Celtic Stone.

1998 Dr. G. Mausser Collection, Graz (A), painting The Ninth Wave.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009-10 ACU National Gallery @ Strathfield, Australia. On tour through Sidney and Melbourne.

2004 Memminger Meile (G).

2003 Ochsenhausen IMBS Exhibition (G).

2002 Kunstforum Ehingen (G).

2001 IMBS, Galerie Transparent, Leibnitz (A).

2000 IMBS, Schloß Novo Celia (Slo).

1999 Panorama Galerie Symposium Exhibition.

1998 Yougend Landesausstellung Bad Radkersburg (A).

Landesmuseum Joanneum Ecksaal Galerie in Graz (A), with IMBS.
Gruppe 77, Litfaßsäule, Graz (A).

Selected Art Courses/Talks

2011 Portrait Your Self – If You Dare, Graz International Bilingual School, Graz (A).

2010 Which Pictures Does Eros Love Most of All? Academy for Applied Photography, Graz (A).

2009 3-Colour Stencilled Graffiti Figures, Graz International Bilingual School, Graz (A). With Diane Herrick, for AHS students 15-18 years old.

2008-07 Freestyle Painting, Atelier Panovia, Rohrbach (A). Adult course by request in my studio.

2006-07 Painting and Poetry, Graz International Bilingual School, Graz (A). With Dr. E. Pölzleitner, for AHS students 15-18 years old.

Selected English Works/Courses/Talks

2011 Tornado Surfing, GIBS.

2010 Projects 2010, Institute for Art in Public Space, Styria (Springer Verlag), Head English Editor.

“Retreat to Paradise” (short story), published in Mountain Stories, Edition 3 by vigilius mountain resort, Lana (I).

2008 “Dancing the Two-Step at the End of the Runway” (short story), published by

“Deciduous” (short story), published in Mountain Stories, Edition 1 by vigilius mountain resort, Lana (I).

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