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Apple Girl

She’s a life-sized apple tree nymph with a mojo in both hands: a golden apple in her right hand and an ipod in her left hand behind her back.

The golden apple is like the one that Paris had to award “To the Fairest” of all goddesses on Olympia. Athena promised him wisdom; Hera promised to make him a powerful king; Aphrodite simply undressed and promised him the most beautiful lady in the land.

But most nymphs are having a hard time these days and have to beg for attention. Some give her gold, some give her time, some give her trinkets to make her smile again shine.


Maiden, Prince, Crown

Mixed media with performance

An installation-performance which includes songs, spoken word compositions and anecdotes concerning tender and rough love: The accidental meeting between a wild, free-spirited maiden and an adventure-loving, successful prince; its surprising, yet all-too-human ending; love-inspired separations; the divine in disguise.

Bluegrass, Roots and Jazz with original and traditional titles.


Oswaldi 2009

Trophy Mount Oswaldi

For the infamous Oswaldi Buck –

Who is She?

Who Is She Oil on linen, 100 x 120 cm, 2009

Who is She?

She’s gorgeous, a doll, a real lady, a divine queen, your glorious dream, more than you ever imagined, far more.

So don’t be surprised, Big Boy, when she finally shows you everything she has to offer.

Frozen Gynt

Mixed media, 50 cm tall, 2009
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