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4-D Performance

Mixed media with performance

Maiden, Prince, Crown

An installation-performance which includes songs, spoken word compositions and anecdotes concerning tender and rough love: The accidental meeting between a wild, free-spirited maiden and an adventure-loving, successful prince; its surprising, yet all-too-human ending; love-inspired separations; the divine in disguise. Bluegrass, Roots and Jazz with original and traditional titles.

Dimensions and materials:

“Rocker Horse”: Oak, larch, pine and twine, 65 x 95 x 135 cm. “Daphne’s Sister” (Bust): Cherry and gold leaf, 55 cm tall. Antique Goose Wing Broad Axe: 75 cm long. Clamp – note well with the embossment “Lust”: 50 cm long. “Golden Apple”: Oak and gold leaf, 10 cm diameter. Chapbook: 25 x 17 cm. Writing Quill, Laurel leaves.

Custom Truimph 6T Twin, Skunk Creek Ironworks and Ranch, Arizona, 1992


A collection of new and rarely heard songs and stories: blues, bluegrass, roots and jazz with anecdotes from Out West.

New original titles: Flagstaff, After Work, Sway, Silver Bird, Nighttime.

New arrangements: Anchored in Love, Man of Constant Sorrow. Premier performance at Kulturstall on Steinberg, Austria in 2007.

Kuenstlerhaus Graz, 2006

Rodeo Queen Europa

The racy myth of Princess Europa’s seduction by Zeus disguised as a gorgeous white bull.

Kuenstlerhaus Graz, 2006

This version is told from the perspective of her future decendent, her great grand-daughter, the contemporary Queen Europa, who is faced with the controversial adoption of Turkey, a land very near to the birthplace of the original Princess Europa.

Premier performance at the Künstlerhaus in Graz by the exhibition Europa of the Sezession artist union in 2006 with HP Stüger on guitar, Harry Schwarzenegger on bass, Barbara Osei-Weiss on drums and Shan Wardell with vocals and harp.

Oil on linen, 60 x 80 cm, 2003

Eros and the Soul

The most spiritually erotic seduction ever to have occurred in the western world is told with a lively mixture of blues, bluegrass, roots music, electric experimentation and gaudy sophistication.

Paintings from Horst Reichle (D), Renate Polzer (A), Isolde Leinholz (A), Kurt Glöckl (A), Lucy Tibbets (E), Shannon Wardell (USA) as well as sculptures from Richard Gert (A) and Jürgen Batscheider (D) help convey this post-Post Modern interpretation of Amor and Psyche to a 21st Century audience.

Because Psyche or “Soul” is the main character and not Soma or “Body”, (or Nous, for that matter) a new light is shown upon the inner, deeper character of Eros beneath his luscious, superficial aspect.

Abridged versions performed at Memminger Meile (D) 2004, The Office in Graz (A) 2005.

Full performance with paintings and sculptures in German at Kulturstall on Steinberg (A) in 2005 and in English at Karl-Franzens University Graz (A) in 2006 with HP Stüger on guitar, Harry Schwarzenegger on bass, Barbara Osei-Weiss on drums and Shan Wardell with vocals and harp.

Theater im Bahnhof

The Dream of the Bed

Three characters—one of which being a walnut/plum figure-sculpture named Stanley—tell the story of a man who, in spite of his own puckish cynicism, is inspired to listen to his own bed who gives voice to his own subconscious desires.

The Bed speaks of Adam and Eve modelling in various animal skins: rabbit, donkey, bull, snake and dragon. The Bed also describes one quick glimpse of their naked human selves, as well as three “flavours” of righteousness.

Premier performance with Peter Hois and Stanley in the Grazer Schauspielhaus Foyer during the festival “Kultur zu Tisch” in 2002. Subsequently performed in Graz at Theater im Bahnhof and the Literatur Café Empowerment in 2002. Further performances in 2003 at the Theater am Ortweinplatz in Graz and at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café and the Bowery Poetry Café in New York City.

Nuyorican Poet's Café set, NYC

Vernissage, with Death’s Head, Armbone and Rebirth

Portraits of different people experiencing various kinds of metaphorical deaths; a human arm bone, nestled in silk within a finely made beechwood box, is passed throughout the entire audience as excerpts from its curious history are told, including how this bone helped land the author in jail at the Jaurez/El Paso Border. The “Rebirth” arrives after the author’s narrated release with the application of a coat of Damar varnish to the Death Heads, their colors turning again alive, vibrant and free.

Human armbone, lifesize

Premier performance, with Stanley, at the Galerie Transparent in Leibnitz, Austria for the International Maler and Bildhauer Symposion exhibition in 2001. Subsequently performed at the Ehingen Kunstforum (G) in 2002, in New York City with Peter Hois at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café and the Bowery Poetry Café in 2003.

Artbook detail, 50 x 70 cm, 2000

The Noumenal Anatomy of the Human – Artbook exhibited at Kairos Galerie, Munich (G) in 2001, complete with shark attack.